We’re thrilled to welcome Koryn to the Bike Walk Macon team! Check out the interview questions below to get to know more about Koryn and her new role.


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am originally from San Dimas, CA. I spent 13 years in New York, and now I get to adult it up in Macon, GA. I love porch time and bonfire sitting, my best girl Matilda (she’s a dog), and enjoying life with Nathan, my long time boyfriend. I have an extremely large family, 8 brothers and sisters, like 20 Aunts and Uncles, and maybe a million and a half cousins. I am right at home in big family gatherings. I have been planning tours and organizing events for the better part of 20 years (ahem, that made me feel a little old). In addition to this awesome job, I also plan weddings and events, but my favorite part of all that is officiating weddings for all kinds of couples. Big Weddings, small weddings, elopements...I just LOVE a wedding.

I also took the last ten years in Macon and ingrained myself as much I could into the community.

What will you be doing at Bike Walk Macon?

I am the Engagement Coordinator. Basically, all those years being an organizer of groups and events brought me to Bike Walk Macon. As far as I can tell, even though there’s work that needs to be done, I will largely be planning fun things like Walk About Wednesdays, Bike Party and the big kahuna...Open Streets. OHHHHH, and Jane’s Walk. Let’s just say that I’ll be going to work everyday literally getting to plan fun events and network and work with amazing smart people.

What do you love most about Macon?

DUDE...SO many things!!! Let’s start with the porch time. Where you can pretty much find a friend or an interesting person to discuss the world with. The vibrant community, where smart, fun people plan all kinds of cool things. The weather is mostly pretty awesome, outside of a few oppressively hot days. I came to Macon right when things were on the upswing. I can hardly decide where to eat, or have a libation or see live music. When I hear people say there is nothing to do here, I call shenanigans, because there’s not a time when I am not doing something. I always say, if you can’t find something to do or people to do it with, then it’s you, not us. That was a little aggressive, and every community has their things. But my favorite part of Macon, is that when new ideas sprout up, or a person or group of people are bringing vibrancy to our community, I feel like we all want it to do well, because when one does well...we all do.

What type of bike do you have? Where do you like to ride?

I have an all terrain bike. It’s a cream colored bike with strong orange highlights. It’s not fancy for just streets, or just fancy just for trails, and I can also ride it on the beach. It’s my fancy bike that makes me happy.

What are you excited about as you get started in this role?

For one, I have enjoyed working with our Executive Director, Rachel. Her passion for sustained transportation and this organization is infectious (see, smart people doing cool things). I am extremely excited to continue the work Bike Walk Macon has conquered and enhance it. Which basically means, I’ll just put a small bow on it, because the hard work has been done and it’s easy to follow. I am also excited about working with smart, cool people I have not had the pleasure of working with before. All around, Bike Walk Macon put me in a position to be successful for our community.

If you’d like to get more involved with Bike Walk Macon’s events and programs, get in touch with Koryn here.  

We are so grateful to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation fund at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia for funding the Engagement Coordinator position!