We interviewed Macon-Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert to learn more about how TSPLOST revenue can benefit bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders. 

What is TSPLOST and why is it needed?

T-SPLOST is an additional penny sales tax that will be collected in our 11 county region for a period of 10 years, generating an estimated $637 Million for transportation projects that will be completed by GDOT in the 10 year period.  It is needed to provide critical transportation projects.

How will TSPLOST improve Macon streets for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders?

75% of the T-SPLOST funds ($500 Million)  will provide funding for the Regional projects that have been selected and approved by GDOT for construction/implementation (one of which is $1 Million/year for 10 years for the Macon Transit Authority to use for new equipment and operations) with the other 25% paid directly to counties and cities on a formula based om population and road mileage (Macon-Bibb will get $3.4 Million/year for 10 years which we can use for any transportation related project we choose (sidewalks, bike lanes, road resurfacing, etc.).

Out of all of the money raised, how much will be devoted to bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects? 

See transit note above; also, many of the regional  projects will include sidewalks and perhaps bike lanes.  The use of the 25% funds is determined by local government, and the total for all cities and counties is $159 Million over the 10 year period that could be used for bike, pedestrian, and transit projects.

How can TSPLOST improve safety and reduce bike and pedestrian crash and fatality rates?

Safer roads, improved lighting,  bike lanes, and crosswalks can all contribute to lower crash and fatality rates.

As Mayor, will you support dedicating TSPLOST funds for bike, pedestrian, and transit improvements?


How can I find more info?

Contact the Middle Georgia Regional Commission (478) 751-6160 or visit the Middle Georgia Regional Commission site

How can I cast my vote?

The referendum will be held in all 11 counties in conjunction with the primary elections on May 22nd; the question will be at the bottom of both Democratic and Republican ballots.

Find out when and where to vote here.